Monday, April 16, 2012

They had me at The Homecoming.........

Hey, it's been such a long time since I have
updated my blog.
It could be because of all the time I spend here

I have been a Walton's fan since The Homecoming first aired back in

So, if you are a die hard fan of the Walton's you will love Brenda site too.

Now what would be the best thing ever is for me to be able to attend this years fan reunion in Burbank, CA.
First on my list would be to visit "the house" where I would ask someone to take a picture of me sitting on those iconic front steps.

To be able to meet the cast and especially Earl Hamner, Jr.would be a dream come true.


Anonymous said...

Hi! catindakota from The Waltons forum stopping in to say "Hey"! Love your blog on The Waltons and look forward to reading more of your stuff! See you on the forum :)!

grade1teacher said...

Hi Kym,
This is Brenda from The Waltons Forum. I have had a good time reading your blog today with all the stories about Kentucky. My mother was born in 1923 in Elliott County, KY, and her family goes back several generations in that part of Kentucky. My daughter Rebecca is a writer, and she has written 2 books based on my mother's family. You would probably enjoy them. They are available on amazon at

I can't believe you wrote a blog post about my Waltons website. I haven't updated it in years. Maybe I'll try to get around to doing that soon. Take care.

Kym said...

Well hello Cat and Brenda!!
I am so happy to know you stopped by.
I have really enjoyed reading your post on the proboards Cat.

That is so neat Brenda that your mother was born in Elliot County.
I will have to check out your daughter books.
Some of my dads family are from Elliot County as was the man who used to own the paper I worked for.