Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sandra Stone Krajewski-Noted Kentucky Author

She’s a teacher, a writer and a singer, lover of words, music and people.
Bath County native Sandra Stone Krajewski is content to go in the direction she says, God has mapped out for her.
With three brothers and an equal number of sisters, life for Sandra was anything but dull in the tiny town of Sharpsburg where she grew up.
From the time she was a just a little girl she knew that someday she would grow up to write stories as good as the ones her grandmother used to tell.
Sandra is the daughter of Golden Moore and Lucinda Thompson Stone. She attended Bethel Elementary then she and her family moved to Montgomery County.
“My Grandmother Thompson loved to tell stories and was a wonderful story teller. She spent most of her life in Nicholas County, in the little community of Moorefield, but lived with us for a while when I was growing up. She was the perfect entertainer for a small child” Sandra said. “Because of this, I loved living in an extended family. I loved to hear her stories, and folk lore.”
While she also credits her talent for writing to her mother, Sandra says she got her love for music from her father.
“My Mom was a poet and didn't know it. She would always write me little life antidotes in the form of a poem and they were so cute. I don't know if she picked them up somewhere, or if she created them,” Sandra said. “She would write in my year books or leave me little notes that said you're a cute little girl with a cute little figure, but don't mess with boys, till you get a little bigger. Or, my favorite, Love many, trust very few learn to paddle your own canoe. She was a unique woman. I credit my love of writing to her, my Grandmother, my sister Brenda and my teacher in 7th grade Mrs. Malone. They could be busy as can be but if I wrote something, they always stopped everything to read it or have me to read it to them.
My love of music, I think I got from my father. He was in a band when he was young. He sang and played a little saxophone. But that was before I was born, so I didn't know it, but everyone always told me that's where I got it from. Also, when I was 15, my father convinced my mom to allow me to play with my first band Foxfire.
My Father was my hero and still is my protective angel. He is still around me today, even after his passing. He and my mother, my two deceased brothers, and Grandmother (as well as many recent people I've lost here on earth; take turns wrapping me in their protective and inspiring, motivational and encouraging love.
It is because of all their influences and guidance that I refuse to give up on success. Their inspiration is with me every minute of every hour of every day. And so each day I get closer to what God has for me, though love that never dies. It just gets bigger with each new angel God takes from down here to watch over me. And that is what I truly believe.”
Today Sandra is a published author and has several books in print. “There are No Lighthouses in Kentucky”, Countdown to Grandma's House ,”Christmas Stories”, “Naomi’s Journey”,” Kitty, Kitty” and “Numbers with Attitude” can be purchased at or Barns and Noble and her latest book “Passin” is due out sometime in the near future.
For a little rest and relaxation Sandra performs with her band Sweet Emotion.

In addition to writing, Sandra loves working with children, and is currently working on a screenplay, several commercials.
Sandra is a 2004 graduate of National College of Business and Technology in Lexington, Kentucky. She received the Joseph E. Hurn Award in Radio and Television Broadcasting and the Who’s Who among Students In American Junior Colleges. She speaks at both elementary, middle, high schools and recently spoke before 2500 college graduates at the Singletary Center for Arts at the University of Kentucky where she was presented with the National College Alumni hall of Achievement Award.
She enjoys and is available for doing book signings, public speaking engagements and lectures with elementary, middle school and high school and college students. She has done both radio and TV appearances and enjoys motivational “brain-storming” while involving children.
In her journey to become a writer Sandra says her life’s experiences have filled her with gratitude.
“Being a mother, grandmother, a teacher and an author has made my life full and because of that I am happy, fulfilled and thankful. God has been and continues to be so good to me,” Sandra said. “I thank God for his graciousness and his goodness each and every day.”

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