Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crusin' in a Small Town

Left-Reno McGlone's '57 Chevy.
Below-Tara McCarty tries her
hand at the ring toss.

Left-Wanda Gardner tosses a few rings
Below-Danny McCord read the numbers
to the winning ticket.

Above-Debbie McCord has fun playing the ring toss game.
Left-Judy Little shows off her 1969

Below-Gary McCord takes a short break in front of his red truck.

Left: Larry Gilvin and Tim Wheeler talk about
driving their first car.
That's Tim's 1949 Chevy.
Below: Bill Black waves from inside his
custom built 1941 Chevy Street Rod.

UPDATE: Hey, I finally figured it out!!
Gotta admit I cannot get the text to go where I want it to yet.
Every time I try to get the words to line up with the photos they come out in the actual post all wrong.

So.........I am hoping the pics will explain the info below.

It's was crusin' time in Flemingsburg last Saturday evening with Danny McCord's Kentucky Kruzzin Cruise-In sponsored by Arby's.

Gary McCord sits beside a couple of Chevy's, the red one is Gary's the yellow 1964 Chevy belongs to Danny McCord.

Judy Little shows off her 1969 Mustang to a few young girls.
Danny McCord has a ton of fun playing music, games and interacting with the crowds who attend his Kentucky Kruzzin Cruise-Ins.

Debbie McCord tries her hand at tossing rings.

Bill Black gives a friendly wave from inside his custom built 1941 Chevy Street Rod. Bill and his wife Nancy enjoy attending the Classic Car and Truck Show during the summer months.

Tim Wheeler and Larry Gilvin talk about driving their first vehicle. Tim's mother bought this 1949 Chevy Truck in 1975, which Tim promptly drove his mom to the grocery store when the Bluegrass Shopping Center opened in Maysville. The drive was a first for Tim.
The snazzy black '57 Chevy belongs to Reno McGlone
Tara McCarty gives the ring toss a try and so does her grandmother Wanda Gardner.

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