Sunday, February 26, 2012

Past to present tense?

My days as a feature writer seem to have gone by
the wayside. I miss it. I miss telling the stories
of local folks.

Hooray for blogging!! I started this blog when I
was working for the Messenger,
some of you may remember that publication.

Over the weekend I took a fresh look at Kym's Connections
and decided to give my blog a new facelift.
Just maybe, this blog can be revived!!
And just maybe I can continue
writing about small town life so that I can share some
of the stories with you via this blog again.

The wonderful image you see in the background is from a photograph
of Main Street Sharpsburg and looks to be around the 1950s?
My friend Sandra Stone Krajewski is a member
of the Facebook Group, Sharpsburg of Yesteryear
and she submitted the picture.

My header photo is a family snapshot circa 1964-ish.

And so it is my hope to get back to telling some stories about small town life.