Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sharpsburg Loves a Parade

Sharpsburg Christmas Parade brings out the best of small town spirit
It’s a small town but the citizens in the City of Sharpsburg have a huge amount of hometown spirit.
That community spirit was evident last Saturday as a flurry of folks filled the streets and sidewalks of Main Street in anticipation of a rare event.
For the past two year’s Mayor Dorothy Clemons and council members along with local business owners, organizations and members of the community have worked hard to present the residents with a Christmas parade.
When the first ever parade to move through the middle of town last year created a lot of excitement among the town’s people, Mayor Clemons knew such a wonderful event had to be repeated the following year.
Lots of smiling faces that belonged to just as many adults as children and cheerful camaraderie was a clear indication that this years parade did not disappoint as a large crowd of onlookers watched to parade move past.
Deputy Sheriff Robert Clemons lead the parade that consisted of the Bath County High School Marching Band and a long line of fire trucks, floats, classic cars, trucks, farm tractors, motorcycle riders with Task Force Omega, Santa’s, dancers and bicyclists.
Just when the crowd thought the parade had come to an end as the last float faded to the end of town, they were treated to a repeat performance as the parade came back down the street in the opposite direction.
Although the parade was the highlight of the day, Roberts Grocery, Browns Department Store and Pecks Farm Supply also enjoyed the nostalgia of small town life as customers stopped by during open house.
Several people said they came for a chance to see the floats and all but also wanted to take a step back in time with a visit to Robert Browns little variety store.
“This is where we would come to get our thread and sewing patterns”, Mr. Belva Woodard was overheard telling a friend inside the store.
Thelma Gulley was also among the customers who could recall what the store stocked years ago.
“I tell ya, it looks just like it did many years ago, “Gulley said. I remember buying so many things here but wallpaper is what stands out the most in my mind, and some of those old rolls of paper are still here.”
On the outside Debbie Baber and Mrs. Francis Goldie were spotted window shopping and thought the display of new purses and sweatshirts were must have styles for the winter season.
“People just don’t understand there are so many beautiful items inside this store,” Baber said. “I love to shop here and I buy all my denim jackets from Robert. Plus I love to shop here because Robert is so much fun.”
Life long native Charlie Thompson was among the crowd who enjoyed the parade and the fellowship.
I think the mayor and council members have done a fine job in putting together a parade for us al l to enjoy,” Thompson said.
The same sentiments of appreciation for all Mayor Clemons has done for the City of Sharpsburg was heard among many who attended the parade this year.


antiquesgaloregal said...

I saw that blue Kentucky shirt and just had to say it reminds me of home. I was born and raised around Lexington.

Sandra Krajewski said...

Loved the pics. Yesterday was our family Thanksgiving dinner, so I didn't get to come...Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing