Sunday, July 6, 2008

Indepenence Day in a small town.........

Celebrations at the Fleming County Recreation Park drew a large crowd again this year with free
swimming, and a fun cruise-in with Danny McCord and Kentucky Kruzzin.
Hundreds of folks gathered beneath the field house to play bingo for a chance to win some cash money and prizes donated by local businesses.
Food cooked outside is always a welcome treat at each years event.
Of course the highlights of the evening was the spectacular display of fireworks.
Small town fun, fellowship and celebrating our country's independence at the recreational park has been enjoyed by the community for several years.
Ralph Sapp is the feller in the top photo and is calling out bingo numbers.
Susan and Shelby Highfield enjoy talking to family and friends while waiting for Bingo to get started.
Cameron Earlywine won himself some "cool loot" while playing bingo.
Carol and Rodney Hamilton have been coming to the July 4th Celebration at the Industrial Park for several years to play bingo, visit with friends and family and watch the fireworks display.
David Doye, dressed in his patrotic shirt, spends hundreds of hours, and lots of cash to make the July 4th Celebration an enjoyable and fun event for the community.