Thursday, May 29, 2008

Small Town Charm

This blog is for you if you love living in a small town.
My name is Kym and I am a journalist who loves a good story.
I have spent the past four years as a feature writer for the Messenger newspaper and my job has definately been interesting.
Small towns are chocked full of interesting folks who have a story to tell.

So sit back and join me as I travel around the small communities of Bath, Fleming, Mason, Montgomery, and Nicholas Counties to share the stories of ordinary folks.


Anonymous said...

I hope you start posting all your stories. I don't always get a copy of the Messenger Newspaper in Maysville.

Angie said...

I am sorry that I missed Community Day in Sharpsburg. The article in the Bath Co. Outlook showed things I didn't know or didn't remember. I had to go to a wedding at Boonesboro and I had RSVP'd before I knew the date of the C. Day. Sure wished I had been there. Angie Hager = raised in Sharpsburg from 1961 - 1979.


Keep up the good work Kym!!!!